Thursday, November 20, 2014

Trash to Treasure!
Old broken desk missing drawer.
Removed metal drawer tracts, painted and added these cute stools found at thrift store...and ta da a new wine bar!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Succulents their everywhere lately!

 I saw this with the old shutters at a lil shop in Encinitas, Calif. that specializes in succulents. We need these in Calif. with our drought  problems. A recent gift from a friend who added the plants to a dish found at flea market!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Did you know you can change a look with fabric spray paint?

I just discovered fabric paint. It is great to use on dull faded outdoor cushions and pillows.
A friend had 2 nice chairs in his basement he didn't want but they did not match my decor or colors at all. So I decided to try the fabric paint.  Paint can be found at craft stores.
Used painters masking tape.
I was very nervous to try this but am very happy with the results!

Pots, vases and dishes to bird baths!

Saw this idea on pintrest and had to try it. Went to the Goodwill store to find suitable dishes.
This is such a ridiculously easy where is my glue gun.

You simply stack upright and overturned vases and pots. For the bath part I couldn't believe I found the dish with the sun on it! The mosaic catches the sunlight so always a great garden choice.

Old Fence Post to New Bird Feeder

Had to tear down a falling fence line. When I saw the post, I knew right away I wanted to make a bird feeder out of it.
Then a friend found what appears to be an old Nativity Scene Manger in her alley way set out for trash. Well my dear friends now think of me when they see interesting things....she grabed it for me. And I painted it to match colors on my home.

Added a thrift store mosaic vase and tea cup for whimsy and for bird seed. Some glass beads at window and a plastic cup for water or seeds. Used glue gun to secure.

I purchased a bag of quick cement. It is so easy to work with you dig hole for post then pour in cement and add water! Then looked around the Home Depot and my house for interesting baubles to put on the post.
Here is the finished product. And by the way the birds love it!

Having Fun with Bird Houses

Plain birdhouses available at craft stores.

 I used fabric balls on the overhang and wallpaper for the roof. I inserted the birdhouses inside a tiny wreath for hanging and added flowers and birds, etc. to wreath. Glue gun was used to secure items.

Have also been buying candle sticks at thrift stores, they make fun bases for birdhouses and can give you varied heights in a display.

Package Boxing Material to Frame

I  visited a girlfriend who recently did a bathroom remodel. The new sink and vanity came well packaged. The oblong pressed cardboard framed the sink in the box. She said I saved it for you, I just know you can make it into something.
So I brought it home and kept it in sight, but could think of no other use for it other than a frame, after looking at it for 2 months. Didn't really have a picture to frame.....and then I thought well maybe I can double frame a current picture.

I had some left over wallpaper that I liked, that was used in a previous home. However I was just shy of covering the whole frame. So I ended up cutting down the length of the paper border to double the amount I had. Then painted the frame so not as much surface area needed to be covered.

Pretty happy with the finished product and saved more trash from landfill...Yea!

This picture is intentionally hung on a slant for impact.